Troubles with your social license to operate?

You are developing or operating projects in socially sensitive regions. You are facing or anticipating oppositions or blockages. You know that social performance is key to your success. You’re in the right place!

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Your project is facing opposition

It is likely that


You’re tired of those social issues that affect your project’s planning and budget

You refuse to follow the short-sighted approaches of some of your competitors to buy social peace, because they are not part of your DNA
You are worried that the legal framework or your lenders’ requirements will get more stringent on projects such as yours in the near future
The morale of your teams and the image of your company are affected
You don’t feel in control of the situation any longer

You probably want to

Have a clear and precise plan to improve your social performance
Differentiate yourself from your competitors in the eyes of your shareholders and stakeholders
Be ahead of the next regulatory and lender requirements
Make your teams proud to work for your company and get them convey its values
No longer have the feeling of being alone, facing a mountain of obstacles

Why are some projects facing opposition?

Usually because the managers of those projects think:

That people or the local context are tough.

« Most social issues that projects face are self-inflicted »

Regardless of external factors, the relationships between companies and stakeholders follow quite a universal pattern. Social risks can be analyzed and, more often than not, managed. Problems are therefore preventable.

That it is about convincing people that their project is good.

« People are much more sensitive to what a company does than what it says »

Nothing is neutral: any project activity will have an impact (positive or negative) on its human environment and, therefore, on the perceptions and reactions of stakeholders. Social performance is not about communication or public relations.

That a permit is all they need.

« Permits, certificates and other authorizations are certainly essential but rarely sufficient »

How many officially approved projects have yet encountered opposition, and have sometimes been abandoned for lack of a social license? Social license goes beyond the regulatory framework and depends on the collective and shared acceptance of stakeholders, throughout the life of the project.

Some approaches work better than others in terms of social performance, regardless of the specifics of the context.
In the same context, and even if it is unfavorable, some companies will do better than their competitors.
That is not by chance!

« Join the companies that no longer play dice with their social license to operate »

Anne-Sophie Leroy

My name is Anne-Sophie Leroy.

15 years ago, I landed in the Congo for a large oil company. My mission: restore a damaged relationship between the industrial site and the local community.

A week after my arrival, angry residents decide to hold me captive in the community: they are determined to make me understand their point of view … and to get the message across to the company: enough is enough!

The rest is history, but this event taught me the fundamentals of social performance.

Since then, I have helped companies like yours understand and analyze their social risks, put in place the appropriate processes to manage these risks, strengthen their internal capacities and measure their performance.

My method

The rigor of engineering, applied to the relationship between your company and its stakeholders

Step 1


Local context analysis

Scoping of social impacts

Stakeholder mapping and analysis

Step 2


Social risk evaluation

Identification of opportunities for territorial anchoring

Resource analysis

Step 3


Design of management plans

Roll out of the management plans

Monitoring, evaluation and corrective actions

You are wondering how to get it right? I invite you to book your free consultation today, so that we can determine together immediate areas for improvement

They talk about it

Clara engages with producers of raw materials who adopt ‘No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation’ (NDPE) policies. She needed to find a more systematic approach to conflict prevention with communities to help a particular client, and move the matter forward at the industry level in that particular country.

Elisabeth had to set up a team in record time to prepare for the construction phase of a pipeline infrastructure and establish a social management system. At the same time, early works were happening in the field, and with them the first interactions with stakeholders.

They trusted me

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